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If you are in the market to buy or sell commercial or residential real estate, it is important that you take measures to protect your interests. Making yourself aware of your rights and obligations in both purchase and sale agreements is the first step, which can be made easier with the help of a knowledgeable New Jersey real estate attorney. At Ross Law Firm LLC, we can help guide you towards making the best real estate decisions.




Specializing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law.



The role of a transactional lawyer, whether in real estate or business, is to make deals happen.

Once a client goes through the expense of hiring a lawyer, he or she almost always wants to see a transaction consummated – provided of course that it makes sense both legally and financially. For this reason we see our role as facilitators, using our experience and talent not only to protect our clients but to help them make deals that make sense. 

Commercial and residential real estate transactions are some of the largest financial transactions dealt with by individuals and businesses. Due to the scale and extent of a real estate transaction, serious problems can and often do develop before, during, and after the process. To mitigate any financial damage or confusion caused by these potential issues, we help our clients gain awareness of, and address them from the beginning.

We can help guide clients through various issues, such as:

  • Do my purchase agreements or title documents reflect my best interests?

  • Does my real estate project comply with building code guidelines?

  • How can I protect my interests and deposits?

  • What types of documents or permits do I need?


When buying property, it's easy to get overwhelmed with interpreting legal documents. At Ross Law Firm LLC, we can act as your trusted legal guides. When you trust us to help you with your deal, you can rest easy knowing we have a track record for success.

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